If the Piano Falls, MOVE!

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Piano

A thousand words about this picture.

This photo has been on the web for a couple of years. I read the follow-up from the dealer who reported the piano was not harmed. A replacement piano was delivered. This one was returned to the showroom. I have no doubt the fall did not harm this piano. What interests me is the body language of the movers. Who is the guilty party?

The guy on the left would have been in the truck, pushing from the back.  His job is to balance the piano, but as it moves onto the ramp, the burden of balancing is shared by the other two guys. Judging from the way the piano is positioned, the piano was on the ramp in the process of being lowered to the ground. The guy on the left has his hand on the switch.

The guy on the right is completely disgusted. He is controlling his rage, as if to think, “I can’t believe they made me work with this guy.”

The “this guy” in this picture is the guy in the middle.  Emotion is such a give-away. lol.  His hands on his head is a physical attempt to channel energy, as if his body thinks it can still keep that piano from falling.

Or maybe not.

If they had moved the piano the old-fashioned way, it might not have been a problem. Back in the old days, things were simpler. You just laid a piano on its back on your converted Model T.  The car’s suspension would have cushioned the ride, that is, if the car HAD a suspension system. Let’s not forget the comfort of riding on those paved roads!

Meanwhile, we rejoin our friends as they wave down a nearby construction worker to get some help. How convenient that the photo shows the name of the dealer so prominently. I wonder if these photos are on display in the store.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. “You ladies up there stand a little closer to the ledge.”

Sure, I suppose so…

Truly, I have no idea about this one. It is a piano. It is a ledge. It is a shed. It is a river. No dolly.

Pianos move. That is the lesson. If a piano falls, then you move.

And be careful where you walk.

You just never know….

This piano obviously belonged to a songbird.  Yes, that is a tree.

Pianos fall. That much is certain. And you do not want a piano to fall on you.

But you should also take care not to fall off a piano!


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