Happy Piano Year

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Piano
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Out with the old, in with the new.

2012 is a great year to get rid of that old piece of junk that masquerades as a piano in your home. It is time to trade in your console piano for the grand piano you keep telling your friends you will buy “one of these days”. It is time to upgrade your piano for your children, just like you promised when you said, “We will get a better piano if they stick with it”. Well? They did, so pony up and get them a better piano.

2012 is the time for piano maintenance. It is time to call your piano technician and get the “premium” service a piano requires every ten years. Most people ignore having the action regulated. 88 keys rely on thousands of parts.  The tolerances are small, but over time wear and tear on the action parts and hammers can make your piano’s action less responsive.

During flu season, clean the piano keys with an anti-bacterial solution applied to a damp cloth. Cotton-swab medicinal alcohol on the keys if you prefer — anything to kill the germs which can be transmitted from player to player. (Avoid getting the alcohol on the finish of the piano.)

2012 is the year to turn of the TV, unplug the Web, and get back to playing piano more often. Learn a new piece of music and give a concert for your friends in your home. Oh come on! Don’t dismiss that idea.  There is no greater motivation than a performance commitment. You could have a dinner party for your friends and cap the evening with a performance of your music.

Is there a university or college in your town? Hire a piano student to perform in your home. Piano majors must prepare material for piano recitals each semester. For the price of a free dinner and a C-Note you could provide a small concert for your friends in your home. Sure! You CAN do that. It is easy, and it is something few people do!

In 2012, make it a point to go to the symphony at least once! That beautiful concert hall in your city is there for YOU, and you probably paid for it with your taxes. You’ve been meaning to go – so make 2012 the year that you honor the local symphony with your presence.

Is your high school band student graduating in 2012? Congratulations! You might mention the opportunities that are available  through the DCI competitions. Read about the audition process.

2012 will be a happier year if you include more music in your life. If 2011 was the year you did NOT upgrade your piano, or go to a concert, or see a halftime show, or listen to a piano recital, had your piano maintained, or learned a new piece of challenging music, then 2012 can be a year of redemption.  Make your 2012 a Happy Piano Year!



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