It’s a Box with Wheels

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Piano

There are two kinds of woodworkers; those who know what they are doing, and those who try to do what others can do. I belong to the latter group. Repairing wood is one thing, making something from scratch is something entirely different. I aspire to make a fine piece of furniture one day, but for now, and for the immediate future, I look forward to making jigs and contraptions that will make the shop more efficient.

The drill press was on a bench in the main shop room, taking up valuable space. I needed a mobile drill table, and finding no example online, I designed this one. It is 2′ x 2′ x 3′, made from MDF board. Will it hold the weight of the drill press without sagging? Probably not. I anticipate that I will need a stronger topboard. That will be the first upgrade. I’ll add a hole for the power cord and spray it black in the paint room. A door would be in the way, so the cabinet will just look rough. It works, and that is what I was after.

Hey, it’s not rocket science. It’s a box with wheels, but it is my box with wheels, and I made it. That counts! And it is square, which is a real bonus! Two extra shelves for storage is a nice addition too. Good place for hand tools.


Upon receiving feedback from family and a couple of woodworker gurus, I replaced the top with 1/2 plywood, reinforced with a cross-bracing of hardwood. Two carriage bolts were added to anchor the machine. The result is a much more stable work table.

The bracing is glued and screwed and the case is painted with black enamel.

The unit was then returned to the top, and the finished table was rolled into the shop for storage.




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