What are We Thinking?

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Piano

Just a few thoughts for you to ponder…

How do you select which link to share with your friends? When you find a video you like, or a blog that really speaks to you, is it not true that you prefer to share something that is more excellent (in your mind) than something else?

Hold that thought…

Millions of people screening millions of sites, passing links based on individual preferences…

Quality traffic.

Quality traffic.

What is the quality which millions of people, viewing millions of sites, have in common?

We are all common.

Common traffic.

Common traffic.


Is there any excellence in being common?

There is a difference, or there is not, or maybe…just maybe….

…there is excellence in being common.


But ordinary does not excite us quite like excellence…

Because we do not see excellence in what is ordinary?

Wait! Something is wrong.  It is the work we regard as excellent. We are common; our work can be excellent.

Except…we are what we do. If our work is excellent, then that part of us is excellent too, except…we are common through and through.

Is excellence an illusion? Is it all excellent, but we just can’t see it? Or do we just regard some common things as excellent, because we can’t see the excellence in the other things?

If excellence is an illusion, then our links are illusions too — of our views of what is excellent.

The links we share  are not excellent. They are just the links that we are sharing.

Common links.

The internet is an illusion. It isn’t real.

We are real, and we are common.

…and excellent.

Pass that around.


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