This Day in the Shop

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Piano

It was a beautiful day today in Dallas, Texas.  I spent the day outside in the shop working on a stand for my grinder/buffer.

I started with a 4 X 8 sheet of B/C 3/4″ plywood. I built a feed table from scrap wood. I drew up plans to determine where to make my first cut. Lucky I did — it was 50″.

That took longer than I expected. I made the cut with my circular saw and started drawing patterns. I need three section, narrower at the top than bottom, which means long angled cuts.

Three more passes with the circular saw and I have my boards.  I used a guide for the saw for the first couple of cuts, but found a freehand cut worked just as well. I buffed the edges on the belt sander after I put a jig saw to the cut outs on the bottom of the boards.


I was soon finished with the prep work and cut a shelve and the top, then routed the edges with a round cut.

The Bosch Colt Palm Router worked well.

Everything is set for tomorrow when I will assemble the parts.

It took several hours to get this much done. The sun quit before I did.  The cold air returned quickly. I grabbed my coat and started putting tools away. Time for a good dinner and some relaxation at the piano.



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