It’s the Only Movie Worth Watching

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Piano

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My blogs are too long. I have looked at other blogs and I see that I should keep the blog short, with a cute picture, and be done. I should also litter my blog with ads that provide links to companies who are trying to get your money, usually for products that are pretty lame.

If you believe all the advocates for social media, then you must link your blog to other blogs, comment on other blogs, be completely focused on promoted your blog. I thought a blog was just a place to write a journal. I could really care less about who reads it. I am not out to get rich at blog writing.  A blog is an opportunity to get your ideas on paper and clear your head.  If I do not write, I carry ideas in my head for days – weeks even. Writing is a sys dump for me.

My life is pretty simple.  It has taken years to get it that way.  I sleep well each night. I rise to meet the day. I enjoy good weather and bad – see the beauty in any outcome, and start my morning chores without regret or delay. I try to minimize desire. If I do not want stuff, I will not have to buy stuff, which means I do not have to work more to get money to buy all the stuff I don’t need.

I already have a ton of stuff. I have gads of stereo equipment I have stored in the garage. I want to get rid of it. Who needs a stereo system? I don’t. My computer replaced my stereo a long time ago.  I also have a lot of old stuff – stuff I stored because I thought I would want to keep it. I never use it, never look at it; it is just in a bunch of tubs out in the storage shed, sitting, resting and taking up space. If I got rid of that stuff, I would never miss it.

I have many shelves of books. Why do I need books? Every book I might want to read is online now. I need to transition. That means giving up my reliance of books. I have a book on Chinese Philosophy. Why? I should get rid of that book. I want to throw everything away and start over. I have old stuff.

I could live in a one room house. There would be windows all around. Outside would be the forest, and the bugs. I like the outdoors. I do not like the bugs. I could watch nature through the windows. I would feel good about that. It’s the only movie worth watching.

I would have a piano and a favorite chair. I would buy an extra chair in case a friend stopped by. There would be a good table between the two chairs; wide enough to keep a good lamp. I would have a foot stool. My friend will want one too.

There would be a kitchen. There would be lots of natural light in that kitchen. I would have a kitchen island to prepare food.

I would have a spiral staircase which rose to a balcony on top of the house. From up there I would be able to see the stars at night. During the day I could watch the activity in the forest, far from the bugs.

There would be a fireplace in the great room. The fire would crackle. I would have two bedrooms. One would be for people I want to sleep with. The other would be for people I do not want to sleep with.

I would have a porch. It would wrap around the entire house. I would sit on a rocking chair on that porch and watch the rain, or the sun, or the animals scurrying through the forest. People would walk by my house and I would wave to them from my porch.

I would not have a garage, or a car, or storage shed. I would have a good knife and a stick to carve. I would not carve anything. I would just whittle until the stick was gone. Then I would get another stick.

I would need a banjo, just in case someone with a guitar walked by.

This is all I need: a good chair, a place for a friend to sit, a comfortable bed, a banjo, a piano, a nice kitchen, lots of windows and a good front porch. I might grow a garden too.

But I have more than that. And I just want to rid of all that extra stuff.


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