Can Your Piano Pass the Dollar Test?

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Piano

Pianos are not similar. As a pianist, you already know that.

Years ago when I sold pianos as a wholesale representative, traveling from store to store in several states, I would show salespeople a little trick using a dollar bill.  The trick wasn’t really a trick at all.

The Dollar Test

Take a dollar bill and place it lengthwise on the piano key. Make a fold in the bill which marks the end of the key. The bill is now the same length as the key.

Now place that folded bill on a piano of lesser quality. You may find that the key is significantly shorter. (I will post a pic in a while.)

The salesperson then says, “With the better quality piano, you get more piano for your dollar.”

The Issue of Quality

If that subtle play on words is not enough, a more direct statement is needed. “If a manufacturer will compromise a feature of the piano which is in plain view of the customer, what compromises might also exist inside the piano which are hidden from view?”

Take the Test

If you do not have two pianos, measure the length of your piano key with a bill, and tuck that dollar bill somewhere in your purse or wallet and save it until you next happen to be in a piano store.

Let’s hope that you do not learn that you were “short changed”.


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