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Pianos and Dallas Transportation

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Piano

This gentleman suggests that our large highway intersections should be eliminated.

I have ideas about transportation solutions too, which might work in conjunction with the ideas expressed at the blog linked above.

I am not going to elaborate on my plan. I will give you the short version.  You are familiar with ideas that promote commuter rail service and mass transit. I believe such a system would not be embraced by people who own and rely on automobiles. Large rail systems do nothing to lessen local traffic, which is significantly greater than regional, state or national traffic. Those transportation systems are necessary and practical, but the problem remains as to how to get the public to embrace the idea of using them.

My idea advocates the creation of much smaller networks of mass transportation within communities. After the smaller networks are created the local network is linked regionally to adjacent cities. Instead of building a large system which no one will use, I advocate building smaller systems in local communities which people will use for local traffic. Once new transportation preferences are adopted by the public, the smaller networks are linked regionally.

This complements the idea of getting rid of intersections. In order to get rid of intersections, you must first get rid of roads. Those roads are the reason intersections exist. If you get rid of the intersections, the roads still exist.

Building a grassroots transit system in local communities will increase the number of people who rely on mass transit. Linking transit systems to adjacent towns enables regional travel. As the network grows, the larger mass transit vehicles (county, state and national) will be more successful.  The idea is to increase demand for public transit by increasing supply in local communities where most automobile use occurs.