Siri helps? Not this time…

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Piano

I can’t believe I am the only person to catch this error on the iPhone4 ad. It appears on the back cover page of the March 23, 2012 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The question put to Siri is “How do I play a B Major scale?”

The input interpretation is written as “major scale built on B4″. [sic]

The note names given are B4, C#5…B5. That is incorrect. It should be B4, C#4,…A#5, B5.

A keyboard graphic is given. On that graphic, the display is for the B Major scale from B5-B6.

Why? In the first error, it would be because the reference octave begins on C, not A.  So although the display looks like a piano keyboard, the software is marking octaves from C1.  Otherwise, A#5 would be shown as A#6.

I am searching the web to see if i can find a pic of the ad.

Update: I found a resource that shows two different numbering systems for piano keys. The ad would be correct if the first system was used, and incorrect if the “tuner’s” numbering system is used. Since I am a tuner, I am leaving my comment up.  It appears there is more than one convention for naming notes on a piano. Trivial, but it rates mention.



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