In Search of the Perfect Truck

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Community

The Ford Ranger is history. This news will interest only a very few people. I am shopping for a new truck, so it interests me greatly. I wanted a Ford Ranger.  Here’s the story on what happened to that truck.

Actually, I didn’t want a Ford Ranger, but it was the only thing I could find that was close to what I wanted.  The F-150 is too big. Used trucks are not fuel-efficient, and small cars are not rated to tow a small trailer.

Enter the Proton Jumbuck.


PROTON Cars Australia (PCA) makes this car (a 2009 model). Part car, part truck. Pretty cool, eh? So where is the American equivalent? Does not exist!

The Wall Street Journal has the graphs that show what is selling these days. I have no inclination to create an analysis of the data because I already know they aren’t making what I need.  The major manufacturers are chasing after the same customer. You can buy any car/truck you like, as long as it is the same type of car/truck everyone else makes.


You have seen the unusual cars and trucks that are shown in overseas shows.   You may have asked why Americans do not have access to those cars. The reasons most often given have to do with Federal regulations; good reasons I suppose, but that doesn’t help me in my quest for a truck.

American auto manufacturers are a true disappointment. They have been for many years (since the late 70s). I have owned only foreign cars based solely on the incident of repair reports that rank the quality of available cars. American cars never rank high.

I need something with utility. Something that is bare bones. Why waste money on features you do not need; do not want? And yet, the products that are offered today are “confused” products. They are hybrid products which include features for everyone, without being specifically designed for any single purpose.

Big Truck Mentality

American manufacturers cannot grasp the idea that some of us work in small communities, and have no need to climb mountains in a truck, or desire to place extra large tires on our work vehicle.


The Holden VZ Ute Thunder fits the bill.  The Ute has been in production for 60 years by Holden in Australia. The 50-2106 Coupe Utility (FX) first rolled off the production line in January 1951, and since then the Holden Ute has become an iconic vehicle in the Australian automotive industry. A truck has to be cool. American trucks are too similar.


I’ll call it a cruck – part car, part truck.  Fiat probably wouldn’t like that name. Works for me, if it came with a small tow package rating of 1,000 lbs.  Here is a page with 50 Japanese mini-trucks like the one shown below.  What fun!


This is a dump truck. “Fuso Canter hybrid trucks by Mitsubishi are appreciated by International customers for their high quality and cost-efficiency. These sturdy trucks from Japan are also environmentally friendly.Low fuel emission, reliability, and toughness make Fuso Canter Hybrids from Japan as winner in the light-duty eco friendly truck segment.”


America manufacturers just don’t get it, and I am not going to buy what they are selling.


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