Ten Cool Features Google Calendar Could Offer

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Piano

I may be the last person who discovered Google Calendar. I am not a “scheduler” by preference. I jot down notes and leave them scattered on the desk. Well – I used to do that. I now make notes in Google Calendar. The desk is cleaner and I am more productive. There are a few features I would like Google to add so I am writing this post knowing that it will go out into the cloud and somehow attract the attention of someone at Google. Here we go!

1. I want a separate entry area for telephone numbers.  There is a link for a video call number, but no link for a mobile call. I am not sure if my computer could actually process a telephone call, so Google can add that functionality too. I want the computer to hook up to my telephone, not a microphone/speaker config.

2. Since the telephone will be hooked up to the computer, I want all telephone messages automatically transcribed into Google calendar. I will be given the option of choosing a background color for all messages received. The computer will use voice recognition software that transcribes the message into an editable text box.

3. I want the option to format the data similar to a mailing label. <Name><Address><etc>. With one click of a link, a mail program will open and the data will automatically be appended to a note of my choosing. In my case, I will click the link and choose one of several standard letters. With this feature I can send a standard thank you note, an appointment reminder postcard, or an invoice to the person listed as the primary contact. I will have the option of adding a “Bill to” address to each appointment entry if I choose. I will also be able to send mail to all recipients in a given period of time, day, week, month, year.

4. I want to be able to export all of the appointments as a text list. I want to do this over a period of time, day, week, month, year. I don’t want it ordered according to the date of the appointment. I just need a printable list of every person in my calendar for a specified period of time. I would want to sort the data before I print so I could organize it according to alphabetical order or by town.

5. I want to be able to export the appointment info, including a link to the map, to an e-mail. I will be able to set the default e-mail address so I do not have to type it in each time I export. I will be able to edit the e-mail address if I choose.

6. From my Droid I want to be able to take a photo of someone’s business card, append an appointment time to the photo caption, and be able to send that info and photo to Google Calendar. When I return to the office, the info will be in Google Calendar. I will first receive a prompt which says, “Data has been received by your Droid,” and asks, “What would like to do with this information?” The options would be a. discard, b. add to the calendar or c. add as a text document. I can also set the default to “do this each time I receive data from my Droid.”

7. I want to be able to append a photo to my calendar entry. This might be a business card, a photo of the client, or any other photo of my choosing.

8. Regarding photos, I want to be able to upload photos from my Droid with a time stamp that is recorded on Google Calendar. It will read, “At 3:30 you took a photo.” I will have options to assign the photo to an existing appointment, create a new appointment with this photo, save this photo somewhere else (Google +, Twitter, Facebook), delete photo.

9. I want an option to remove from view all appointments of a certain color. This would hide certain appointments from view. In my case, I use Google Calendar for home appointments and business appointments. The calendar can become visually “busy”. With a “Show” button I would be able to eliminate from view all appointments of a certain color.

10. I might want to append a video to an appointment. I doubt it, but if I did, I also might want that video posted to YouTube. I should have that option.

Google Calendar is cool. It could be cooler.


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