New Shop; New Town

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Piano

Hello Dad. Congratulations on navigating to this page. :)


First, notice there is no footprint in the snow. It isn’t snow Dad. It is solid ice! That down jacket fit about 20 years ago! I bought that bag of firewood for $15 at the local pharmacy. The wood won’t burn, but I bought it anyway.

Here are some pics of the new house. Still moving things around but at least it is all in the house.


View from the kitchen table. Will landscape this area into a “natural” area in the spring. Try to attract some birds.


Kitchen table.


The kitchen leads to the main room. It is rather big and hard to position the furniture in a way that makes sense.


This is the formal living area. It will serve as my office.


This is my view from where I am sitting now. The windows are old aluminum double-hungs, but they are holding up well, with no difference in temperature. Would be nice to have some wooden double-hung Anderson’s, but that update is low on the priority list.


Another shot of the main room with a shot of the French doors leading to the patio.


The doors open well enough.


Previous owners left two barbeques. Neither one works. I will have to take both to the dump. The pots will go in the greenhouse, after I build a greenhouse!


Turning right, this is the view from the patio of the gazebo. The gazebo leans a bit because of the settling slab foundation.


This tree in the backyard lost its top. It’s an oak tree, so it is surprising that the top snapped. (high winds no doubt). It is a terminal tree (one trunk all the way up), so it will have to be removed in the spring.


The patio promises to be popular when the weather is better in March-June.


No easements on the lot. No gas lines, electric, phone, or any warning signs. That is a nice bonus because most yards have some kind of easement.


The ice is bending these boxwoods out of shape. They square up pretty good when the weather is nice.


Rather odd looking chimney, but there is smoke coming out from the fireplace. The wood here doesn’t burn worth a darn. It is hard mesquite wood that is good for smoking, but not much else.


Over the fence then is the driveway entrance to the garage. That other area is mine too. It is the side yard that was visible from the kitchen.


The fence needs a board or two here and there.  As the fence ages, the poles lean because of the shifting clay soil. They are placed in concrete but not deeply enough to keep the poles straight. I’ll need a new fence within 5 years.


This is Linda’s office. Addison will share this room too for office work. This is the second time we filled the room up with boxes. Linda and I will work on this today.


Linda and Addison are pack rats!


Addison loves make-up. This is her room.


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