The Foot Less Traveled

Posted: September 8, 2015 in Piano


My resume lists the major achievements of my life. I try to make a good first impression. We are each encouraged to put our best foot forward when we present ourselves. We all have a few blemishes, but no one wants to read about those when they meet someone new.

Those blemishes are the foot you do not put out in front. They are the things you cover up, hide, redefine in euphemism, gloss over, ignore, deny and maybe even lie about.

But those things are every bit as much a part of the definition of who you are as the good things. Sad isn’t it? There you are in the photo above walking on that path of life, carrying all that baggage, dragging one foot behind you. It can really slow you down, all that baggage.

Have you heard the expression, “You are believing your own press.” People overstate their accomplishments and understate their flaws so the press release they broadcast to the world looks as good as possible. If they do it long enough, with zeal, they may start believing what they tell others is actually true!

If you believe as I do, then you value all the adventures in your life, even the missteps, slips and falls. Those things are part of you; you earned them. Since we tend to focus on the positive each day, it is a welcomed reprieve to be able to shut the door on the negative. No one wants to live in regret. As time passes, we reclaim and rename the negative as positive events. After all, we endured those failures, grew from them and moved onto new adventures. They didn’t drag us down and we are proud of that.

What is the worth of a good biography? A biography is much more than a resume. It has worth if it provides a fair and accurate view of the good and the not so good, the strong and the not so strong, the best foot and the foot less traveled.

To know thyself is to accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Dust that odd foot off, dump some of the baggage, and get on down that path of life. You are all the good you are, and you are the improvements you made after you fell a few times.


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