There Has to be Something Easier than WordPress

Posted: October 7, 2015 in Piano


Two months ago I bought (literally) into the idea that I could join those who have published webpages with today’s advanced features. Since HTML 1 came out, I struggled to keep up with the basics. But I was able to write code and had several webpages over the years. As HTML advanced from vs. 2 to vs 5, I tried to keep up. But somewhere between 4 and 5 I got lost. The capitalists, developers and IT guys won. They made the internet language so complicated that I could not learn it within the time I had available to allocate to learning.

I started this free WordPress blog three years ago. From the beginning, WordPress ads encouraged me to upgrade to the REAL product. Two months ago I did that. Since then, I have completely lost control of being able to edit my webpage. There has to something easier than WordPress.

WordPress is ridiculously complicated. It is not intuitive. Let’s all understand what intuitive means. To me, it is like trying to find your car keys. When you lose them, you look on the desk, or on the hook by the door, or in other obvious places.

If you lost your keys in WordPress, you would have to look inside a drawer leading to a long staircase that led to a dark dungeon with a hallway of locked doors. Intuitive means that something is placed EXACTLY where you would think it should be. Keys go on the hook by the door, and monsters are kept in the locked doors of hallways.

WordPress is not intuitive. Nothing is where it should be. It is impossible to find anything without watching a video tutorial.

Video tutorials are fine as long as they teach you what you need to learn. WordPress video tutorials teach you EVERYTHING they want you to learn, which most often does not include what YOU need to know right NOW so you can continue working on your webpage.

WordPress management knows this. They would have to know it. How could they not know it? They press forward in SPITE of the fact that these problems exist. They leave most of us behind when they do that. The internet was once a chalkboard that anyone could draw upon. Today, you have to use special chalk, write in a special language, and most telling – you have to pay to use the chalkboard.

The choice for me is to find a new home for my webpage. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below. Thanks.


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