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The Dutch Luthier

For the reenactment project I make reconstructions of the tools depicted by Jost Amman in his portrait of “Der Lautenmacher” (1568).

imageAt the workbench we see a variety of tools:

  • A mallet
  • Chisels (and gouges?)
  • Two hand planes

And in the box under the bench an oval honing stone and a glue pot with a brush.

But rather than only make some props (a nice but quite useless exercise) I want to have some working planes and use them in the shop.

Melencolia IThe plane on the foreground looks like a smoother, the one in the background like a jointer. Two things stand out: the jointer bulges out in the middle, and the smoother has a sort of horn at the front. A similar model can be found in the “Melencolia I” engraving by Albrecht Dürer (1514).

Melencolia plane

The handle looks like it resembles a bone. Perhaps a remnant of earlier…

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