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Following the Spranto Epoch, a new age of medical breakthroughs were discovered which perfected the means to a longer life and enhanced physical and mental capabilities. Subsequent discoveries lead to the development of telepathic abilities in early trial benefactors.  Through a series of medical treatments, the DNA structure of the human body can now be corrected, altered and expanded. The body enjoys enhanced restorative capabilities and the mind can develop its own ability to channel and organize information more efficiently. The first administration of these new technologies was limited to select individuals chosen to participate as benefactors.

Additional scientific breakthroughs occurred after networks of sub-atomic bionic modulators were discovered operating in the brain. These modulators control the content of our DNA and alter the characteristics of our brain. They reside in the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain, extending from an networked array of receptors contained in the epithelial membrane originating at the brain stem below the limbic system.  The stimulation and manipulation of these sensors directs the modulators to enhance certain targets areas of the brain. The result is an increase in cortical folding in the cerebral cortex, a significant increase in the number of axons within the corpus callosum (which generates a seventh layer of connection between the hemispheres of the brain), and an expansion of the volume of the neocortex. The latter increases the size of the brain which necessitates a medical operation to trigger skeletal growth in the skull needed to account for the increased brain volume. The result is a marked increase in the capacity of each of the four lobes of the cerebrum.

The first men and women who received such treatments developed higher intelligence and skills in the targeted areas as predicted, but they also developed new capabilities that are not entirely understood. Through a developed awareness of internal consciousness, enhanced through meditative disciplines, the recipient can direct the activities of the bionic modulators and manipulate the content and efficiency of the nucleotides which comprise the DNA molecule.  This was revealed when the benefactors developed the ability to heal themselves of illness and disease known to be caused by inferior DNA structures. These healing capabilities were not understood until scientists discovered that the DNA structure was being manipulated by each benefactor in unique and personal ways. As newer discoveries were made in nano-science and nuclear medicine, the new capabilities that were at first thought to be developed only through meditation (a skill not developed equally among the first benefactors of the new procedures), could be modified and increased through the exposure to laser refractions that were diffused through panels treated with protophonic enzymes.

The second generation of benefactors of the newer technologies were therefore better able to manipulate the component construction of their DNA to include the restorative powers necessary to retain the physical conditioning of a person of twenty-five years of age. The most compelling discovery however was the dramatic decrease in time required to manipulate the modulators.  Additional discoveries continued to reduce the time component so that today, changes in the modulators occur almost instantaneously in those who continue sessions of protophonic exposure and who have also learned advanced meditative skills. For those, the physical qualities of the body can now become enhanced to far exceed the performance of a normal human being, and the mind can share its resources to create higher capabilities in specific and desired regions.

The development of the telepathic capability was advanced in subsequent trials.  It was through the development of telepathic powers that the benefactors discovered that their mating preferences were dramatically altered. In addition to the normal intellectual and emotional attractors for entering into a union with a desired person, telepathy added a new and dominant attractor which occurred when two minds developed mental mutualisms. Through a deliberate, developed and continued symbiological relationship, the brains of each partner learned to work marginally as one brain, share and store memories, and communicate to the other partner’s brain on a sub-conscious but limited level.  There was emerging evidence that suggested that the healing and DNA altering capabilities in each partner could be used to the benefit or detriment of the other. The theoretical view gave rise to the creation of Symbiotic Psychology, an academic discipline  which exclusively sought to study the  nature, functions and behaviors of dualistic telepaths, and which hoped to gain insights into their evolving capabilities. Research was terminated during a period of societal upheaval which preceded the start of the Choingian Wars.

Information that explains how the telepathic capability was discovered and developed was known only to a small group of benefactors who worked secretly to expand on the scientific advancements of their predecessors. That society of benefactors, numbering in the thousands,  was called the Kquan. They inhabited a secluded region of the city and had limited interactions with the public. Eventually the public came to know of their existence, but due to the necessity of secrecy, they knew little about the Kquan’s capabilities. Rumor and speculation gave rise to the creation of fables (some say that were based on intentionally leaked information from the Central Societal Authority) which assigned the Kquan the status of spiritual leaders. The stories attributed the Kquan with special powers that were so accurate in description that an investigation was launched by the CSA to determine the source of the leaks.  While the investigations proved fruitless, the exercise did nothing to restrain the rumors among the general population. Over a period of many years, two divergent religious communities organized, and eventually sustained a series of civil wars, named the Choingian Wars after the primary antagonist, General Theoford Choing, who was the self-proclaimed prophetic voice of the Kquan.

At the height of the civil dispute, the fighting permeated the borders of the secluded sanctuary of the Kquan. Most of the members of the Kquan were lost in the final battles. Today there are only two suspected survivors. They were separated at the end of the war and are now presumed to be searching for each other. Nothing more is known of their whereabouts.