Philosophy of Music

The Philosophy of Music section organizes my collected writings about music.

A History of MAP Pricing

Three pianos of different sizes might only differ in price by a few hundred dollars when you order a quantity from the manufacturer. After the importing distributor establishes the wholesale price,…

Chopin’s Identity, Character and Signature Examined

Since today is Frederick Chopin’s birthday, I thought it might be interesting to contribute an article about Chopin’s handwriting, in hopes of revealing insights into his personality.

Story: I Left Them Screaming

It is also a good age to teach children about the magical tuning fork. It surprises me that children, even teens, have never seen, heard or touched a tuning fork. I set the tuning fork in motion and place it on a flat area on the piano. I explain why it gets louder. I ask them to touch it with the end of their finger. They laugh when it tickles.

Harvard Men’s Health Watch Review for Musicians

We are all advocates of music education and may have an occasional tendency to accidentally exaggerate the benefits of music education. The Harvard article contains information that will clarify a few topics that are usually included as bullets in music advocacy brochures and literature.

If the Piano Falls, MOVE!

A thousand words about this picture.

A Piano Technician is like Santa Claus because…

Who is promoting piano as a preferred instrument for music development and enjoyment? Who indeed? As musicians we are aware of our network. We live in a tight-knit group of players, teachers, suppliers and a few organizations which promote music education.

Self Awareness and Music Performance

This morning while I was sharpening chisels in the shop, reading the Tweeter feed and enjoying the cold morning with a cup of hot coffee, I read a tweet from @a_flat_miner with a link to Rosalyn Tureck’s recording of the Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach.