Tech Corner

Here you will find blogs on the technical aspects of pianos and other instruments.

Guide to Piano Maintenance, Costs, Checklist

Every once in a while (every ten years) your piano needs an “oil change”. Piano techs refer to this process as an “action regulation”, but I am retiring that name because it is too difficult for pianists to understand. It is just piano maintenance.

So You Got a New (Used) Piano — Now What?

Let’s say you just took delivery of a rental piano, like a Scheidmayer und Soehne, serial number 20670, and you are wondering how to take care of it.

Piano Care and Maintenance

Pianos require general care and periodic maintenance. Here is a list of what is required to protect your investment.

Maintenance: Remedies for a Shabby Piano

The condition of the finish has nothing to do with the quality of the sound. The action, keys, soundboard, pinblock and piano wire are the major areas of concern.

Pianos and polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride

Bakelite was developed in 1907. It is one of the first plastics. It is very brittle, a condition which increases with age. Pianos which have Bakelite parts present a unique challenge to piano technicians. The cost to replace the Bakelite with wood parts is often more than the piano is worth.


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